Product Differentiation

Course Sypnosis:

In today’s saturated market, consumers are spoilt for choices and companies often have to compete with product prices to remain competitive. With constant price wars, businesses will soon become unsustainable. The key to avoid such pitfalls is to ensure your products are differentiated from those of your competitors.

This course is a basic marketing course for marketers to relook at their product from the perspective of the consumers and in current market context. Whilst it is difficult to identify market needs accurately, marketers will learn essential market research skills to better identify market gaps and better meet consumers’ needs.

At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to conduct detailed market researches and studies to position their products to meet consumers’ needs.

Suitable For:

Fresh Graduates

Marketing Executives


Basic English Proficiency

Learning Style:


Case Studies

Course Duration:

8 hours with lunch break and tea breaks provided for

9am to 5pm

Course Fees:


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