Effective Prospecting Skills

Course Sypnosis:

Direct sale has proven fast, effective results and is still widely adopted as a popular marketing channel. Some companies however could not achieve good sales results from direct marketing because, often their salespersons are unable to overcome communication barriers, convince customers and counter objections. Direct sales when used wrongly, can backfire and create unneccessary resistance and doubts from customers.

In this course, learners will learn effective techniques to overcome communication barriers and counter common rejections. Ample practice role play exercises will also ensures that learners learn and apply tele-marketing and street prospecting techniques.

At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to utilise effective communication methods and toolkits to increase their sale results.

Suitable For:

Entrepreneurs / Business owners


Sales personnel


Basic English proficiency

Learning Style:


Role Play

Course Duration:

8 hours with lunch break and tea breaks provided for

1 days course:

9am to 5pm

Course Fees:


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