Customer Centric Marketing

Course Sypnosis:

As our consumers become more affluent, service becomes an essential component of a consumer’s overall experience. With globalization and the emergence of online marketing platforms, customer centric marketing becomes more crucial to the success of a business.

In this course, learners will study the effects of globalization on traditional marketing and learn to identify the current trends and changing consumers’ appetite. The practical exercises throughout the course will help learners rethink and reframe mindsets on customers’ experiences to attract and retain customers. Learners will also practice different techniques of service recovery and handling difficult customers.

At the end of the course, learners will reframe and cultivate a customer centric mindset to achieve customer retention and loyalty.

Suitable For:

Entrepreneurs / Business owners


Sales personnel


Basic English proficiency

Learning Style:


Role Play

Practical exercises

Course Duration:

8 hours with lunch break and tea breaks provided for

1 day course:

9am to 5pm

Course Fees:


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