Team Communication

Course Sypnosis:

Communication is a double-edged sword and could be the source of trust or conflicts within the team. When managed properly, effective communication can be achieved even in times of conflicts.

This course is targetted to help learners understand the team formation process and how members adapt differently during the various stages. Ample practice will be given to learners to learn effective communication techniques to overcome rejections, defensiveness and mindset barriers. Learners will also learn how to resolve communication breakdown and workplace conflicts and stress through open communication.

At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to practice mindful and positive communication which forms the foundation for building self-functional teams. .

Suitable For:

All levels of personnel


Basic English Proficiency

Learning Style:


Role Play


Course Duration:

8 hours with lunch break and tea breaks provided for

1 days course:

9am to 5pm

Course Fees:


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