Solution Focused Coaching

Course Sypnosis:

Some teams do not reach their optimal productivity because of the team leaders. It is common for mistakes and human errors to occur in workplace and Managers need to learn how to coach employees in a solution focused and positive manner to minimise repetition of mistakes and increase trust within the team.

This course is targetted to help Managers coach and groom employees effectively. Learners will apply a shift of mindset within themselves to focus their coaching on solutions and grooming the employees by learning to inculcate positive communication and fostering excellent teamwork. In this lesson, learners will participate in experimential learning through role play and reflection exercises.

At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to practice positive communication and motivation within the team to foster trust and increase workplace efficiency.

Suitable For:

Junior Managers



Basic English Proficiency

Learning Style:

Experimential learning

Case Studies


Course Duration:

8 hours with lunch break and tea breaks provided for

9am to 5pm

Course Fees:


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