We work with companies’ top management spanning the Services and Real Estate industry across the Asia region to create effective strategies and secure alignment across the organization, while tackling tough issues and making choices in the face of difficult questions and varied options.

Competitive strategy matters now more than ever in the face of unprecedented levels of volatility, accelerated change, and increasing levels of innovation

An effective strategy aligns competitive positioning in the market with company capabilities and operations. By committing to, communicating, and, when necessary, adapting a strategy, senior executives drive the business straight toward its goals and aspirations.

Scope includes:


  • SWOT analysis of the organization
  • Identify critical complexed issues within the organization
  • Develop and communicate a clear strategic vision


  • Create focus and alignment within the executive team to develop and champion the strategy
  • Execute strategy consistently across the organization, showing returns on actions and effects on shareholder value
  • Clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve a company’s strategic priorities
  • Simultaneously address the fundamental drivers of complexity to simplify organizational structures and reduce cost


  • Implement processes, policies, procedures, and organizational designs that align with revenue and profit growth objectives
  • Redesign the business model to better address the needs of  a rapidly changing marketplace

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