Human Resource Capability


Workforce capability is the top human capital challenge facing organisations in Southeast Asia, with 74% leaders seeing it as a challenge over the next 12 to 18 months (Global Human Capital Trends 2014 – SEA Report).

With sweeping business changes, it is crucial for leaders to rethink talent management techniques to ensure that capability needs are aligned with strategic objectives of their organization. Leaders need to adopt more holistic approaches to address and recognize the need for a dynamic human resource management strategy to develop highly engaged and high performance worksforce where employees feel recognised and valued.

Human resource management approaches need to be tailored to provide attractive career opportunities and progression, an inclusive work culture and an inspiring business brand.

Scope includes:


  • Review existing organization line and business units
  • Review existing HR structures and policies
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Solution generation and market benchmarking


  • Garner feedback from relevant business units
  • Develop practical implementation roadmap


  • Communicate changes to employees
  • Exit interviews / Proceed with new hires
  • Implement revised policies and procedures, to align towards organization goals

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