Customer Strategy


Organizations are on a constant quest to retain loyal customer as loyal customers spend more on companies they trust and less cost to serve. It is essential for organizations to be timely and accurate in responding to changing customer needs, in managing customer expectations and to recover from service failures to achieve revenue growth.

We create differentiation through consistent and superior interactions at various touch points between customers and the organization throughout the customer journey. The goal is not simply customer satisfaction but to gain a base of supporters and promotors in good times and bad.


Scope includes:


  • Define and track existing touch-points in the customer experience and interactions
  • Track promotor score index
  • Review existing service recovery and support standards
  • Solution generation and market benchmarking
  • Develop implementation roadmap


  • Communicate changes to employees
  • Conduct training / re-training
  • Implement revised service guidelines and standards
  • Review new promotor score index

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