Brand Delivery And Marketing


In today’s highly satuated market where products and services become largely similar; branding together with effective consumer marketing, cultivates a strong, trusted image that can help to build loyal customer base and promotors and will be a formidable competitive edge.
Our work focuses on tactical brand strategies, including competitive positioning, innovative marketing campaigns  and optimal resource allocation to generate revenue growth. While industry benchmarks are useful, differentiation often comes from outside of industry practices and trends. We combine this focus with industry and functional depth to bring distinctive, yet practical, insight to our engagements.  This enables the organization to achieve successful brand delivery and refine their marketing strategies continually based on fast reliable customer feedback.



Scope includes:


  • Redesign business model to address changing market trends and needs
  • Map position of client’s brands relative to its competitors
  • Review brand portfolios, marketing strategies and resource allocation
  • Define target market
  • Design value proposition of brand
  • Develop brand strategy and marketing campaign
  • Develop sales-ready content and selling tools


  • Communicate changes to employees
  • Conduct training / re-training
  • Roll-out marketing campaign
  • Consolidate and review customer feedback

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